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Eye Care Tips & Myths

In this issue, we focused on eye health in Trinidad and Tobago, and interviewed Dr. Debra Bartholomew, an ophthalmologist […]

A Urologist’s Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

In this issue of WellnessConnect, we had the honour of meeting renowned local urologist who has made significant contributions […]

Gluten free: Behind the Mystery

‘Gluten-free’ seems to be the latest fad in diets — products proudly claim ‘gluten-free’ status and some groceries are even capitalising […]

The Effects of Alcohol

It is no secret that our Trinbagonian culture is one that celebrates joviality — drinking, partying and general merriment […]

Coconut Water: The Healing Drink

Ahhhhhh — that sweet, refreshing, taste — ice-cold or at room temperature, coursing down your throat on a hot […]

Health Benefits of Sleep

We all know the utter joy of emerging refreshed after a good night’s sleep, but too often the importance of […]

Dengue Fever: Beware of Bite!

Living in the tropics, surely most of us have heard (or even had the unfortunate experience!) of dengue fever.
Dengue […]

Iron Deficiency: The Stealthy Sickness

Are you consistently experiencing low energy and fatigue?
The average person who yawns frequently might chalk it up to tiredness […]