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How to add the ‘workout’ to your work day

We all know that too much sitting is bad for your health. Unfortunately many of us work in jobs […]

Ergogenic Aids: Behind the Boost

Nutritionist Ms. Yvonne Batson, who teaches Nutrition & Dietetics at U.W.I., recently invited WellnessConnect’s Robert Taylor to speak to […]

What are Guavas good for?

Used in Trinidad and Tobago for everything from jams and cheese to juices and fruit salads, guavas are thought […]

What is Tamarind Good For?

It’s a condiment. It’s a spice. No, it’s a bean. The “Manila sweet,” as the tamarind is sometimes called, […]

Oats: the secret weapon

It is on most grocery shelves in some form. Its packaging may not be pretty… it may not look […]

What is Broccoli Good For?

The word “broccoli” means “branch” or “arm” for the cross-shaped stems, like mini trees bearing the blossoms. Broccoli was […]

The Health Benefits of Honey

Many people stay away from honey because it contains sugar, but honey has a myriad of medicinal uses beneficial […]

Tips for Caregivers of the Elderly

Caregiving can be both a challenging and a rewarding experience. Occupational therapist Lesley Garcia is the owner and founder of […]

Ready for the Climb: Tips for the newbie

Never went rock climbing before?
Marc Ramlal, Manager of Trini Rock Climbers and the President of the Trinidad and Tobago […]

Protein Powder Basics – The Ifs, Whats & Hows

If you are a gym regular, it is likely you have overheard a discussion at least once or twice […]