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ZIP-ITT: The Thrill of the Swoosh

Legs dangling, heart in your stomach, wind at your back — and the childish burst of glee as you […]

Holistic Healing with Horses and Yoga

“The divine essence in me recognises the divine essence in you.”
It is the customary greeting in yoga — and […]

Provocative Fitness: Making Sexy Fit

“Sexy” and “corporate” are words that don’t often go together.
But Provocative Fitness begs to differ.
Provocative Fitness, located in Woodbrook, […]

Rev it up! – Spinning with Brian

“Come on, you better than that!”
It is the encouraging shout urging you to go faster, harder — to challenge […]

Yvonne Batson: Changing the Future of Diabetes in T&T

While Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean are certainly not immune to the rising global tide of obesity […]

Indoor and Out: It’s the Climb

“It’s not about physical strength at all. Rock climbing is about discipline, skill, and mental focus — technique is […]

Music Therapy: The Rhythm of Healing

The buzz in your brain, the humming in your veins, the swell of your heart as your favourite song […]