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What is Pineapple Good For?

Perched on a cocktail glass, tossed onto a pizza, or glazed over a cake, the pineapple is perhaps one […]

Bianca Bianco: Nourishing the Body, Feeding the Soul

“Having the tools and skills to make healthier choices will not only simplify your life in the kitchen, but […]

Health Benefits of Cassava

Cassava. Yuca. Manioc. Tapioca. Manihot esculenta.
Known around the world by a variety of names, cassava — as we call […]

Nutrition Tips: Empower Your Health!

In this issue of WellnessConnect, we had the pleasure to interview nutritionist, health coach and personal trainer Mweia Elias […]

What is Chia Good For?

In recent years we have been hearing a lot about the benefits of chia, but chia has been around […]

Empower Nutrition: The Power of Nutrition

Nutrition holds the power to unlock the body’s full potential — and yet, its importance is often overlooked. 

“Someone would consult a gynaecologist for a […]

Portion Distortion: Controlling Your Sizes

Learning what a portion size actually is — and eating that amount — is tricky.
People are notoriously bad at […]

The Fungi Superfood: Portobello Mushrooms

Mushrooms contain some of the most potent natural medicines on the planet.
Easily the largest, the Portobello can measure six […]

Gluten free: Behind the Mystery

‘Gluten-free’ seems to be the latest fad in diets — products proudly claim ‘gluten-free’ status and some groceries are even capitalising […]

Iron Deficiency: The Stealthy Sickness

Are you consistently experiencing low energy and fatigue?
The average person who yawns frequently might chalk it up to tiredness […]