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A short stroll through the large and airy home, past the verandah where a few recline in easy reflection, past the kitchen filled with laughter as a birthday cake is being prepared, and through the garden and gazebo where the tables are being set…

The retiree ushers her elderly father through the home and to the multi-purpose classroom for his “Stand Up” class, where he will learn how to empower himself to avoid falls — and then she nips off to do a session at the gym while she waits.

It is the vision of Hibiscus Place — and a reality.

Located in Petit Valley, north-west Trinidad, Hibiscus Place Adult Day Centre for Seniors is the first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago to offer the range of therapeutic day programming that has been proven to maximize the well-being of the elderly and by extension their families and caregivers.

The Adult Day Centre is the anchor of the Hibiscus Place premises, sharing its space with Trinidad and Tobago’s first Women Only Workout (WOW) Gym & Fitness Centre for mature women, located behind the Day Centre; and a Mental Health Therapist specialising in counselling through the expressive arts, whose office is upstairs in the main building.

Purpose-built to provide a constellation of services for older adults and their families, Hibiscus Place represents a small business cluster in Trinidad and Tobago’s health and wellness industry — all neatly tucked into what was once a family home.

A communal interest is shared among the wellness professionals at Hibiscus Place. The overarching vision is to provide health care for all, side by side to leverage upon the benefits of various health-related businesses with similar goals, in an environment that is not ‘clinical’ but relaxed and homey.

Read about the wellness professionals of Hibiscus Place:

 hibiscus-lesley hibiscus-nicolette hibiscus-ingrid

Hibiscus Place
Adult Day Centre:
Therapy in the
Golden Years

Lesley Garcia,
Occupational Therapist

Mental Health
Through the
Expressive Arts

Nicolette Choo Quan,
Mental Health Therapist

WOW: Women
Only Workout
(on-site gym at
Hibiscus Place)

Ingrid Seegobin,
Nutritionist & WOW owner