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Staff: 2000 (T&T)

ribbon-sponsorBusiness Profile:

One of the largest and most successful indigenous banks in the English-speaking Caribbean, Republic Bank serves retail banking customers, corporate clients and governments throughout the Caribbean. Today, the Republic Bank Group employs over 4091 staff members in the Caribbean countries of Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, Guyana, Barbados and the Cayman Islands. Republic Bank is the Nation’s largest credit card operator and has the most experienced and successful Trust and Asset Management Division in the country, managing assets of over US$4200M. Republic Bank also champions the financial services industry, with the largest branch network of 39 branches and operates the most extensive Automated Banking Machine (ABM) network of 119 ABMs in Trinidad and Tobago; as well as state of the art internet and telephone banking, which allows customers to conduct their business 24/7 from any part of the world.

For over 175 years, Republic Bank has worked hand-in-hand with the communities it serves. In November 2003, Republic Bank Limited launched its ground breaking social investment programme the Power to Make a Difference and committed a total of TT$152 million (US$24.13 million) over a 10 year period towards social development activities in Trinidad and Tobago, targeting specifically the elderly, sick, differently-abled and at-risk youth as well as, providing educational and sporting opportunities for the empowerment of young people. Republic Bank recognises that the best way to fight societal ills is to invest in building the intellectual capacity of the people in diverse communities. It is for this reason that the Bank focuses its social investment on building successful communities.  This hard work, in turn, has birthed the belief in the power of holistic corporate social responsibility. Quite simply the Bank believes that as individuals, we are the foundation of a community, so too are communities the foundation of a country.