WellnessConnect is an online wellness magazine, the first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago, and is dedicated primarily for the corporate audience. With participation by companies, WellnessConnect serves to connect YOU, the working individual, to everything wellness in this country. It offers a true connection to the wellness professionals as they share their stories and their passions, while giving you the reader the opportunity to reach out and talk to them so your wellness goals can be fulfilled.


Who are we?

Robert Taylor &

Robert Taylor & Sacha Fortuné

Founders of WellnessConnect, Robert and Sacha, both have a passion to create — Robert with his creative ideas and love for sculpting and training the minds and bodies of others, and Sacha’s innate ability to put pen to paper and create something beautiful. The fulfillment of their respective dreams — to “spread the wellness word to all” and to “share words with all” — was only realised when they met and expressed this to each other.

Robert Taylor is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer (International Sports Sciences Association), and scored the highest in the world in the CPT exam in the year of attaining his certification. He is also certified in First Aid and CPR. He has a wealth of experience in managing Corporate Wellness Programmes, which is complemented by a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He has been a fitness enthusiast for the past 17 years, and a wellness advocate for over 12 years. Robert is also a Partner at New Wave Wellness Consultants.

Sacha Fortuné’s passion for writing began in her early childhood, when she channeled her active imagination into writing short stories, poems and full-length novels for her classmates. After leaving Trinidad on a national scholarship, she attained first class honours in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Lancaster in England, where she also served as the President of Writers’ Guild and published some of her writings in the Guild Anthologies. She went on to complete her studies in London at the University of Westminster, where she attained a Masters distinction in International Journalism with a focus on Print and Online Journalism. Upon her return to Trinidad, Sacha started her own business Fortunink, specialising in proofreading, editing and website design and development.

After frequently helping out in each other’s businesses, their paths began to align after realising that the fusion of their individual skills and interests was inevitable.

WellnessConnect is a product of that fusion.

WellnessConnect is their own wellness magazine with a different audience — the corporate world. Most people never “find the time” to think about wellness amidst the drudgery of the day job – skipping meals or grabbing a bite between meetings, after-work liming to dissipate stress, sitting in traffic on the way home, dealing with the day-to-day of family life and most of all, neglecting their bodies. Robert and Sacha saw the huge gap in Trinidad and Tobago where wellness needs to be: in the office, in the inbox, on the screen… at the fingertips of every working individual. Important to know! For people to be healthy, they need to maintain their immune system in good condition, and for that, it is necessary to have adequate nutrition or get the lacking vitamins using various supplements. Read, for instance, the Curafen reviews - this supplement is produced of only natural ingredients that help your body always be in good shape

Beyond the magazine, WellnessConnect is your one-stop-shop for all things wellness in Trinidad and Tobago — giving you wellness news, events, general information, product reviews and much more.

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The WellnessConnect Team

WellnessConnect is proud to use 100% local talent for our extended WellnessConnect Team of freelancers that comprises of:

  • Web designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Writers
  • Copy editors
  • Content managers
  • Researchers
  • Advertising representatives
  • Photographers
  • Media producers
  • Marketing professionals
  • Administrative personnel

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please contact us at [email protected].